Xylem / Flygt – Launching a new intelligent pumping system. It’s not every day that Flygt engineers tell you they’ve made a breakthrough that will revolutionize the wastewater industry. So it felt extra special to team up with their experts to help launch this important new pumping system through a range of online and offline channels.

Our client. Xylem is a global water technology company with operations in more than 150 countries, 12,500 employees and sales of around $4 billion. Our assignment came from their Transport group, which is introducing an all-new Flygt-branded pumping concept that promises to revolutionize the wastewater industry.

Our assignment. Nowadays, modern wastewater pumping systems are becoming increasingly intelligent, with embedded sensors, software and more – all designed to reduce costs. In this case, industry leader Flygt had developed a world first it wanted to introduce to the market. But it would require a change in how municipalities buy their equipment – and we needed to get it right.

What we did. Following a competitive analysis and workshops, we saw an opportunity for Xylem to tell a compelling story around the world’s first wastewater pumping system with integrated intelligence. No other competitor was claiming this. But more than just talking about a smart technology, the key was to isolate and dramatize key customer benefits. We needed to get across very quickly that is was an intelligent system and why this was beneficial. To achieve this, we gave the pump a personality and a “brain”. And we showed dramatic examples how this benefits customers in terms of hands-on energy savings, simpler pump selection, inventory management and more.

The launch The product was launched was set up in three stages with an emphasis on lead generation using Xylem’s online channels as well as paid media. Internal communications was also vital, to inform and educate the sales teams in advance. The product was successfully launched at the company’s main IFAT trade show in Munich and is now being rolled out globally.

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